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We are able to assist with cleansing and detoxing whether you prefer baby steps or a total lifestyle overhaul. We want you to GLOW with health and happiness.

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I am here for you every step of the way to assist you in achieving your goals. Our methods are proven to help you succeed.


I will take the time to listen to your concerns, help you to identify obstacles, and create strategies for motivation and success.


I have dedicated my life to learning about proper plant-based nutrition and would love to share my knowledge and expertise with you!

Plans and Pricing

Initial client health assessment questionnaire analysis: FREE

Start-Up Package: $100 FREE (Currently waived with enrollment in any plan)


  • Evaluation
    • Health Assessment
    • Essential Plan
  • Resource Guide
    • Health Journal
    • Mobile Apps
    • Appliance Suggestions
    • Recommended Supplements
    • Custom Fast Food Guide
    • Other Tips


Choose from one of our four great plans that are designed to fit your budget and level of commitment.

Each package includes a weekly session (typically a half hour up to an hour), where we will discuss your progress throughout the week. I will review your food journal and give suggestions so that you continue to improve at a pace that feels comfortable to you. We will also discuss how you are feeling along with any questions or concerns you are having.

The next three packages include unlimited email and text – the value of which is truly priceless. My greatest goal is to help you succeed and what better way to do that than with continuous contact and as much support as you feel you need. The turn around time for replies to any messages or emails is within 24 hours, but usually much less.

If you choose a level with a weekly custom meal plan, I will work with you to create a plan that is doable with your schedule and taste preferences. We will be able to make adjustments at a rate that feels right for you. Some clients find that a meal plan really helps them to stay focused and achieve their goals.

Lastly, the ultimate NEXT LEVEL plan includes one monthly visit from me where you can choose from the following services:

  • Kitchen and Pantry Analysis and Makeover
  • Guided Grocery Store Shopping Tour
  • “Plant-based Food Prep Made Easy” Classes (simple instructional food prep and recipes)
  • Walking Session (our regular coaching session with exercise)
  • Sessions in the Park (instructional exercise)
  • Family Health Sessions (for those with children)
  • And more…

These sessions may also be purchased seperately for $75-100 each depending on service requested and time allotted. Please inquire for more information. Also, note that local visits are currently limited to the Rockford and Chicago, IL areas only. I may be available to travel outside of the region pending an additional travel fee.

If you make a three-month commitment and pay in full, you will save 5%.
Six-month commitment paid in full, save 10%!
Otherwise, all plans are available to be billed on a month to month basis based off of the weekly prices that you see listed.

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