Health starts with loving yourself

Being vegan is about doing the best you can for the animals and the planet. Next Level Vegan is taking it a step above that and doing the best you can for yourself as well. In order to make a real difference in this world, we need to be the greatest versions of ourselves that we can possibly be…truly learning to love ourselves – and by putting that love back out into the world, we can inspire real change.

If you are looking to improve your health and well-being, yet need a little help doing so then let our team of experts empower you to take the steps to become a better you. Together we can make a difference and make the world a more beautiful place. Our greatest passion is to inspire you to thrive and to witness you transform as a result!

Earthly Health, Healthy Earth

A whole foods plant-based diet is the best thing for you and the planet.

Melissa is the leading plant-based health educator and detox specialist at Next Level Vegan. She has been passionate about food and nutrition for the majority of her adult life. After dealing with a debilitating mystery illness in college, she was left with no choice but to figure out how to heal on her own. Melissa spent several years and thousands of dollars researching, learning, and experimenting with different books, foods, and supplements. As she started sharing her journey online, more and more people began reaching out to her for advice and inspiration. Her faith in this lifestyle grew stronger as she supported friends and family members in their own journeys of health and well-being. Now she would like to continue sharing everything she has learned with you!

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Since I have been diagnosed with cancer, Melissa has been helping me with diet changes. I also have been doing research and talking to family about the food we eat I am happy to say I am no.w vegan (still eating cooked food), but way better than my diet before! My family is plant-based now as well. Although my daughter is having a hard time with no meat, she will come around. 🙂 Since this has all happened, my extended family has become more health conscious too. My sister and her husband became vegan, and today my brother said he is becoming vegan as well!! I also had a friend text me and say that I inspired her to change her family’s diet as well. Because of my cancer, I was able to touch so many people. My mom is starting to get off of meat and dairy too, although not yet fully. I believe soon my entire family will be vegan with vegan holidays! It’s is amazing! Thank you to Melissa for opening my eyes which has, in turn, helped so many of my loved ones! 🙂

Nikita L.

I met Melissa when I was at a low point in my health. I was about 1 year into my vegetarianism and a couple months into veganism, but was sicker than I ever was before. Bags under the eyes, really low weight and energy levels, the whole shebang. I was baffled as to why I wasn’t feeling better, considering I had what I thought was a healthy diet. Melissa schooled me on proper nutrition through meal journals, calorie counting, proper food combining, and so much more. I’ve been following her advice strictly for the past 6 months and am feeling the best I’ve felt since I was a teenager.

Her extensive knowledge of nutrition and loving nature has been so vital to my healing process, and I know I can count on her when I have any questions about what I put into my body.

Bobby McGivney

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